The open-source note-taking app for Markdown lovers 💙

A no-frills web app for all your Markdown note-taking needs, laser-focused on productivity and unobtrusive UX, and powered by awesome open-source tech.

A preview of the main dashboard for LuccaNotes


Just the essentials.

LuccaNotes ships with a sleek, yet minimal UI and a condensed feature set to help you avoid distractions and maximize your note-taking productivity.

GitHub Flavored Markdown

The best flavor of Markdown! The GFM spec is supported by LuccaNotes' text editor and Markdown renderer for note previews.


Changes to your notes are automatically saved to LuccaNotes' backend, meaning you'll never need to worry about losing your work.

Tags keep notes tidy

Our tagging system allows you to effortlessly group, organize, and search through your notes - regardless if you have 5 or 5000!

Note previews

The toggleable Markdown preview displays a fully rendered version of your note's content as you type it out in the text editor.

Keyboard navigation & a11y

LuccaNotes is built with full accessibility in mind. In addition to a more inclusive UX, this allows for speedy keyboard navigation throughout the entire app.

Sort, Filter & Search

A sensible and easy-to-use search tool lets you quickly browse your collection and find the note you're looking for. It's as simple as that!


Built with awesome open-source tech.

Huge thanks to the amazing people who build and maintain the programming languages, libraries, frameworks, databases, tooling, and platforms that power LuccaNotes. Go check them out!

Get started

Ready to start taking notes?

Sign in with your favorite social login provider, create a new note and start writing right away — no registration, no fluff, nothing. Okay, maybe add a tag or two for tidiness' sake, but that's up to you :-)

A preview of the text editor panel in LuccaNotes (mobile)A preview of the Markdown preview panel in LuccaNotes (mobile)